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Dr. Kai Wilhelm Franzmeyer

Dr. Kai Wilhelm Franzmeyer

Over the past 25 years I have acquired detailed knowledge of all aspects of the banking business. During this time the restructuring and reorganisation of financial institutions developed into a focal point of my professional activities. The establishment of Resolution Management GmbH marks a continuation along this path, enabling me to place my expertise and experience in this field at the disposal of other companies.

The restructuring and resolution of organisations is an unavoidable, fascinating and highly complex task in the economic process, the objective of which is crystal-clear: to lead the intact parts of a company into a sustainable, profitable future. The main precondition for this is that the phasing out of unprofitable and/or non-strategic activities does not develop into a never-ending process. Successful resolution management, therefore, essentially means minimising capital losses.

Irrespective of what needs to be done in a specific case, it has to be done within the framework of an organisation´s legal, regulatory and contractual obligations. This largely explains the complex nature of the task involved. Moreover, structures and processes which have evolved over a long period of time are often unacceptable for the future company; at the same time the restructuring must not interfere with the company´s day-to-day business.

With the knowledge concentrated in Resolution Management, as well as the experience at our disposal, we are your partner for dependability and integrity when it comes to tackling your restructuring and resolution needs. We create options for the future.


  • Business management (Münster)
  • Doctorate in law (Freiburg)


  • Successful wind-down of Portigon AG (former WestLB):
    Transfer of bank portfolios to EAA and Helaba, spin-off and establishment of Portigon Financial Services GmbH as an efficient platform service provider, dismantling of Portigon AG to a residual administrative operation
  • Member of the team of experts charged with restructuring the HRE Group:
    Conception and implementation of the resolution strategy for the HRE Group in collaboration with the Bundesbank, FMSA and a German financial consortium; spin-off of assets, liabilities and derivatives to FMS Wertmanagement
  • Relations with central banks, regulators and key market participants
  • International experience in the fields of treasury, risk management, platform + process, human resources

Career Stages

since 2018

BlackFin Capital Partners SAS - Managing Director


Senacor Technologies AG – Managing Director


Portigon AG (former WestLB) – CFO/CRO, Industrial Relations Director, from 2014 CEO


Hypo Real Estate Group (HRE) – Board member responsible for Treasury, Public Finance and Capital Markets


Association of German Mortgage Lending Banks (VdP) – Board member


Düsseldorfer Hypothekenbank AG – Supervisory Board member


Commerzbank Group – variety of functions, latterly as Group Treasurer